Do guys trim their pubic area

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Why risk cutting yourself when shaving? If so, get prepared. There are things every guy should know before hopping into the shaving train.

Do guys trim their pubic area

Repeat as Needed Here is the deal — once you start shaving your genitals, you will need to keep doing it. Murkomen celebrates Murathe's resignation Itching Hair that has been cut short is bound to grow back.

Do guys trim their pubic area

Do guys trim their pubic area

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  1. Why risk cutting yourself when shaving? This is because pubic hair acts as a shield to reduce skin contact between people during intercourse.

    What follows is a detailed walkthrough on how you shave your pubic area the right way for men. Research has shown that men who keep their pubic hair have a lower chance of getting warts.

    Use very light strokes, shave with grain at least for first time. Not doing so is asking for problems.

    Apply the Antiseptic Using the antiseptic gel as previously recommended, liberally apply to the shaved areas. Pat Dry Yourself Grab a clean body towel and gently pat dry yourself.

    Imagine how much it will burn!

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