Different types of cougars

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There are therefore only 5 different species of cougar found on the American continent. Taxonomy and evolution The cougar is the largest of the "small cats.

Different types of cougars

Please support The Cougar Fund by donating or shopping in our store. There have been widely debated reports of possible recolonization of eastern North America.

Different types of cougars

Different types of cougars

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  1. Its powerful forequarters, neck, and jaw serve to grasp and hold large prey. A large, solitary cat, the cougar has the greatest range of any large wild terrestrial mammal in the Western Hemisphere, extending from the Yukon in Canada to the southern Andes of South America.

    One researcher in Oregon notes: Electronic Journal of Folklore:

    The cat commonly drags a kill to a preferred spot, covers it with brush, and returns to feed over a period of days. Epidemiology, genetic diversity, and evolution of endemic feline immunodeficiency virus in a population of wild cougars.

    Sub-adults leave their mother to attempt to establish their own territory at around two years of age and sometimes earlier; males tend to leave sooner. Kills are generally estimated at around one large ungulate every two weeks.

    Sub-adults leave their mother to attempt to establish their own territory at around two years of age and sometimes earlier; males tend to leave sooner. Assessment and update status report on the grizzly bear Ursus arctos.

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