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Not only does the inverted engine arrangement make an almost incredible difference to the view, but the windows in front and in the sides, as well as the large skylight, in conjunction with the tapering down of the wing spars towards the roots, afford views in nearly all directions above and below the wing. Walker, of the De Havilland Aircraft Co. That this is so might also be deduced from the fact that the increase in power is about 20 per cent.


That this is so might also be deduced from the fact that the increase in power is about 20 per cent. Walker, of the De Havilland Aircraft Co. The "Tiger Moth" was an out-and-out racer, with the pilot's head streamlined into the fuselage with extreme care, with the monoplane wing braced entirely by streamline wires, and with an undercarriage reduced to its most compact form, with the springing buried inside the wheels.



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