Delete zoosk account on mobile

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Your login and password will no longer work on the site. You can always delete your reviews one at a time yourself, however.

Delete zoosk account on mobile

Select an option from the drop-down menu next to "Why are you deleting your account? All files that are erased using this program will be permanently erased. To deactivate, click your name while logged in, go to Settings , and you'll find the Deactivate Account button in the bottom the Account Basics section.

Delete zoosk account on mobile

Delete zoosk account on mobile

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  1. Follow the instructions below. But it will obliterate all the videos on the channel, including videos you may have purchased!

    PlayStation Network If you want to leave Sony's game network behind, the best you can do is call Sony Customer Service at SONY to deactivate an account, but you won't be able to use that login or username again.

    That doesn't mean you won't want to cancel. Spotify The streaming media darling has an accounts page that lets you sign out of Spotify on all your devices, which is handy if you share your account with others.

    Tap and hold the icon until all the icons shake a little. You can do this with all the other photos you would like to delete.

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