Dealing with a jealous boyfriend

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In line with the no-nonsense approach, the below tips to deal with a possessive partner contains examples, situations and dialogues that may be commonplace in relationships around the world. Has your individual personality been wiped off?

Dealing with a jealous boyfriend

Every now and then, tell your partner something on the lines of "I feel so jealous when you mingle with other girls. If your boyfriend really wants to let go of his possessive nature and build trust in your relationship, he should at least attempt to absorb and understand your loyalty towards him. This controlling behavior will only escalate into something truly dysfunctional.

Dealing with a jealous boyfriend

Dealing with a jealous boyfriend

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  1. You can also use this as a pitch and say something on the lines of "I feel very jealous when I see you with other girls, but I try to control my feelings because I know you would never do anything that would harm our relationship. Once he gets to know your friends on a personal level, he will feel much safer and more secure when you are with them.

    Give Your Boyfriend an Ultimatum Have you put in all possible efforts to get your boyfriend to become less possessive, less controlling and less jealous?

    Source Have you ever dated someone who was too possessive?

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