Days till new year

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This custom was criticized by Saint Eligius died or January 1, the New Year was moved from March to January because it marked the commencement of the civil year and the month that the two newly elected Roman consuls began their one year tenure.

Days till new year

See besides 'New Year's Day' even more holidays, click on one of the links below. This day is traditionally a religious feast, but since the s has also become an occasion to celebrate the night of December 31, called New Year's Eve. Dates predicated on the year beginning on 25 March became known as Annunciation Style dates, while dates of the Gregorian Calendar commencing on 1 January were distinguished as Circumcision Style dates because this was the date of the Feast of the Circumcision, the observed memorial of the eighth day of Jesus Christ's life after his birth, counted from the latter's observation on Christmas, 25 December.

Days till new year

Days till new year

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  1. These changes lead to creation of the Julian calendar and the beginning of the new rationalized calendar, as we now know it.

    A popular tradition although optional is the making and declaration of New Year's resolution.

    Pope Gregory christened 1 January as the beginning of the New Year according to his reform of the Catholic Liturgical Calendar, thus confirming its existing date.

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