Dating preparation for divorce

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This constant emotional roller coaster ride of arguments and apologies is definitely unhealthy. If you have not yet married or even chosen a partner, you have, by far, the most power to affect your eventual likelihood of divorce. Here are some tips to financially prepare for divorce and make sure you survive without any permanent monetary scars.

Dating preparation for divorce

However, more often than not, a sale of the home can be mandated by the judge to make the settlement process simpler and cleaner. When it comes to financial planning and divorce, maintain your composure, get your records together and consider enlisting the help of qualified professionals.

Dating preparation for divorce

Dating preparation for divorce

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  1. Child support rules are established by each state, but there are no formal rules.

    Also, if your relationship is moving toward marriage, take some time to clarify expectations about marriage, family and life. For those who are not married, here are five tips to keep in mind before you proceed:

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