Dad is back eng sub

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Single ladies, put your hands up! Once you watch these shows, be sure to come back and tell us which is your favorite Chinese TV show! They head out to the Hangzhou Zoo to explore the animals.

Dad is back eng sub

This is also an outdoor sport show but made specially for the Misters! Team-building is powerful, right? They celebrate William's 8th birthday together; Hua Shao, host of his favorite show "The Voice of China", makes a surprise visit.

Dad is back eng sub

Dad is back eng sub

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They move William's 8th birthday together; Hua Shao, high of his smooth show "The Voice of Nice", gives a century visit. By demand this, you can take a century at how restrictions get along with their kids in vogue life.

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  1. Wu Chun and Nei Nei are still in Taipei, father and daughter have a photo shoot together. In this show, a six-men team faces different types of outdoor extreme activities.

    Later the two go to a crayon factory to have fun making their own color markers and crayons.

    If you want to explore different local Chinese customs and traditions and see all kind of spots, this TV show is a good choice to watch. Because you want to see how they can overcome the obstacles and win together.

    Gossip, famous Chinese celebrities, games, and jokes, what more could you ask for?

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