Crazy sex things to do

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Hop in the back seat and enjoy yourselves! Bring your significant other over under the guise of asking their opinion, but whisk them into the room with you and go to town. Have sex in a fitting room.

Crazy sex things to do

Sex on a rooftop while the moonlight and stars are your only witnesses. Go out to a romantic, candlelit dinner. It's like being a teen again!

Crazy sex things to do

Crazy sex things to do

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  1. Send a naughty text message to her during the day. Not only is it super-hot, but there's an added element of excitement because you don't want to get caught!

    Spend a weekend acting out your sexual fantasies. Have sex on the beach.

    Not only is it exciting, but there's also an element of danger that adds to both of your pleasure. The girl wears a skirt with no panties and the guy has a zipper to make for easy access.

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