Controlling people traits

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They feel threatened by the appealing nature of others, and often encourage their peers to wear unflattering makeup, or a dress that will make them control freaks look better. Everyone does this to some extent, but if your partner is actively and constantly trying to change your core personality and behavior then this is a warning sign. Making decisions for others is what such people pride themselves for doing.

Controlling people traits

Do you often change your views and plans according to the wishes of someone else? Are they trying to control what you wear, or are they trying to get you to change religion? Emphasize to them the importance of independence and of being your own people as well.

Controlling people traits

Controlling people traits

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  1. Life is all about the choices we make. Especially in the case of love, it is definitely not about controlling someone's life to the extent of driving them up the wall.

    PsycholoGenie Staff Last Updated: Making decisions for others is what such people pride themselves for doing.

    Often, they themselves do not have close relations with anyone for the same reason.

    Incapability to Take "No" for an Answer This quality gels well with all the pushovers out there, because controlling people are known for doing things their own way. The story ends when they receive the appreciation, even if it's superficial.

    In the beginning of the relationship, such people may not show this trait, but as time passes, they will get jealous of your colleagues, or even your best friend. They put your confidence down By trying to squash your self esteem the controlling personality hopes to prevent you from ever leaving or questioning them.

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