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A series of photographs of housing in London, taken specifically for this article, showed the importance of the po5,sibilityof making changes, and it was argued that not only were designers opposed to open-endedness and seeking total control over the housing environment; they seemed systematically to block various forms of expression available t o users until none were left. Before any meaning can be derived, cues must be noticed, that is, noticeable differences Rapoport,

Cmaya member login

Where buildings are colored it may be the absence of color-where they are not, the use of color; when other buildings are whitewashed, it may be the absence ofwhitewash-where they are not whitewashed, it may be the use of whitewash; it may be size, shape, decoration or its absence , degree of modernity or degree of archaism, or many other cues Rapoport, b. That argument was based on a case study of a single major building Saarinen's CBS building as an exemplar although reference was made to several other cases. Clearly it was the meaning of the space around the house that was important and that was expressed in terms of the image of "clean air" Raymond et al.

Cmaya member login

Cmaya member login

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