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Sullivan explains the difficulty he had casting gay adult film performer Lockhart due to the objections of talent managers and other actors, and contrasts the more enlightened perspective of the independent horror industry with the timidity of mainstream Hollywood. It turns these familiar plots inside out, revealing the themes that have always lurked beneath the surface of such films, the taboo subjects that give horror its vitality. The drive-in pushes on with each new short film as another incident begins to unravel in the form of dating, getting laid and one freaky zombie employee who cant stop excrementing blue goo from his penis area.


With the closure of a local drive-in theatre the owner puts on a special marathon of long lost and forgotten horror movies for his faithful patrons. Michael Curtis Nelson 11 Jan For decades low-budget horror has provided plots filled with terrorized teens. Part loving homage of the drive-in B-movie and part complete piss take, it is a film that keeps its tongue firmly in cheek throughout.



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    Chillerama is their revenge: For those astute, you may have caught that Hitler is actually speaking a fake South Park German while the rest of the cast stays within the actual German language.

    For those astute, you may have caught that Hitler is actually speaking a fake South Park German while the rest of the cast stays within the actual German language. Kaufman has planned the ultimate marathon of lost film prints to unleash upon his faithful cinephile patrons.

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