Caveman behavior

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Nobody would argue that reading is bad for human health. Humans evolved to be a walking species. But this conscious decision to burn excess energy is not a decision the human body evolved to need to make.

Caveman behavior

Modern technology allows humans to extract sugar from a wide range of sources — including sugar cane, maple trees, beehives and corn stalks — and ship that sugar around the world in huge quantities and at unprecedented speeds. Until the last glacial period, the great majority of hominins did not live in caves, being nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes living in a variety of temporary structures, such as tents [1] and wooden huts e. Gary Larson , in his The Prehistory of the Far Side , stated he once felt that he needed to confess his cartooning sins in this regard:

Caveman behavior

Caveman behavior

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  1. But today, modern civilization thrives largely on long-term sitting , to the detriment of physical and mental health.

    Some estimates suggest the Paleolithic diet consisted of 4 to 8 lbs of sugar per year.

    As a result, the instincts passed down by human ancestors often conflict with the reality of modern life.


    Read or don't read?

    Meanwhile, humans typically opt out of energy-intensive habits, such as walking to destinations, because people also inherited brains hardwired to want to save energy.

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