Capricorn rabbit

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You can read more about the Primal Zodiac sign of Silkworm by clicking here. This can lead to passive-aggressive behavior by the tasteful and well mannered Angora Rabbit. Capricorn Rabbit likes work related to finance.

Capricorn rabbit

One has only to overcome the softness and indecision of Rabbit. Weaver Finches enjoy quiet time at home more so than other Capricorns. Butterflies tend to be more pessimistic than other Libras, though, and also tend to judge others based on superficial factors as well.

Capricorn rabbit

Capricorn rabbit

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  1. Rabbit is a very sympathetic sign as well, and makes friends when they open themselves up and take a risk. Both Rabbit and Sagittarius avoid making waves, but Rabbit tends to be better in calm social situations and forces Sagittarius to look before it leaps.

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