Being shallow in a relationship

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I've dated a few people who I was attracted to, but who were pretty far outside social norms appearance-wise. So, you're probably stuck with a couple facts:

Being shallow in a relationship

They say horrible things and claim they were trying to help. And if that is so, you should end this relationship, at least as a romantic and physical one, kindly, without critiquing his weight.

Being shallow in a relationship

Being shallow in a relationship

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You base eye contact. Well, you shouldn't be sensible with this guy.
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  1. Even walking down the street, I see women who are skinny and tall who are beautiful, and skinny women who are disgusting. I'm really attracted to him, and vice versa.

    If you think weight loss would help the situation, one of the biggest motivators for me to lose weight was that I realized my weight might be inconveniencing other people. You're in a tough place.

    It's no more shallow than finding a conventionally attractive guy and not attracted to him because you can't snuggle the way you like because his abs are rock-hard.

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