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If you experience damage to your yard, home or belongings, some home insurance policies cover damage by bears and other creatures, although the deductible amount can often […] Bear news week of Dec 24 December 28, Bears are back! Protect that when you trash it. Whether it's our bear proof containers, animal resistant cans or decorative enclosures, our commitment to you is simple; products that work, low prices, and a promise to leave a smile on your face after each order.


Luke, my youngest, enjoys jumping on dad every night. December 19, Living in the suburbs offers many benefits, including the chance to have your own yard to share with your family and your pets and to feel closer to nature. Why not manufacture the best looking bear proof garbage can.



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  1. Madison and Brooke enjoy helping out just as much as Luke, but my girls see things a little differently.

    Bears are so […] How Bear Problems Can Become Your Problems December 20, Few animals can eat as many different types of plant and animal matter as bears, they willingly consume everything from carrion to cabbage.

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