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The study included subjects residing a single geographic region in the United States enrolled from August to June Figure 1. The diagnoses of hypertension and hypertension attributed kidney disease were made by a large group of physicians by generally accepted clinical practice and not a single protocol. The OSSCA has a currency of 12 months and annual recertification includes completing a timed pool swim, ocean mission, simulated in-water recues and a written paper.


Then I heard about Apolla Shocks. These variants associate with hypertension attributed renal disease, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and HIV associated nephropathy. And boy am I ever glad I did.



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  1. Controls consisted of 24 healthy adult subjects with no family history of ESRD and thus ensured that they did not have ApoL1 nephropathy during childhood.

    Methods The institutional review board of the Washington University in St Louis School of Medicine approved this study and informed consent was obtained from all participants. Ocean Safety Surf Coach Award Introduction The OSSCA was developed in consultation with Surfing Australia in the mid s out of a need for surfers to gain access to an appropriate industry specific award that included essential rescue and resuscitation components required for attaining accredited Surf Coaching qualifications.

    We hypothesized that as a genetic disease, APOL1 nephropathy has a pediatric phenotype. The frequency of these variants vary in the African population with G1 being more common in West Africa and rare in East Africa while the G2 variant is more uniformly distributed in Africa and is not as prevalent as G1 [ 12 ].

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