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The sex scene, and many other scenes, are conceived by Breillat in the form of extremely long, unhurried takes, and she is brilliant at conveying the sheer boredom of being a teenager as well as the erotic rapture. As she discovers Elena's under-age sex, her mother erupts with rage, abandoning her liberalism entirely, and glowers not just at her, but at her workaholic husband, who has left the holiday to get back to the office, leaving tough parental responsibility to her.


Looking back on the plot from this new perspective, it is possible to endow the girls' fragile lives with pathos. She effectively becomes the chaperone for the young lovers as they go for walks in the woods or on the beach, and so combines voyeurism with an autistic withdrawal into herself. As an auteur of sorts,Breillat is known for her rather frank treatment of sexuality,youth and sibling rivalry.



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  1. While I've yet to see her more explicit films such as Romance and Anatomy of Hell ,Fat Girl while not necessarily visually graphic or extreme in the sense that we usually think of extreme cinema, is a very disconcerting piece that I can't erase from my mind. Adopting a transnational approach to the Nassau family, the authors explore the family's self-presentation across a range of languages, cultures and historiographical traditions, situating their representation of themselves as an influential House within an international context and offering a new vision of power as a gendered concept.

    Anais has a very cold and cynical approach,believing that it is better to lose your virginity to a nobody just to get it over and done with.

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