Alp liquidating trust chicago

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Other than as described above, the Partnership is not subject to any material legal proceedings, other than ordinary routine litigation incidental to the business of the Partnership. In October , the Partnership commenced a solicitation for consents to an amendment the "Amendment" to the Partnership Agreement providing for an extension of the term of the Partnership's liquidation period to not later than October 31,

Alp liquidating trust chicago

ALP is working with relevant parties on some of these parcels to affect the transfer of these parcels where feasible. Joe Company beneficially owns

Alp liquidating trust chicago

Alp liquidating trust chicago

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  1. Amounts receivable from or payable to the Administrator or its respective affiliates do not bear interest and are expected to be paid in future periods.

    In the complaint, as amended, an insurer for Waterproofing Systems, Inc.


    There is no limitation on the maximum potential payments under these indemnification obligations, and, due to the number and variety of events and circumstances under which these indemnification obligations could arise, ALP is not able to estimate such maximum potential payments.

    The offering terminated October 31, The liability also includes real estate taxes, and other miscellaneous accruals.

    Each of them filed a responsive pleading to the Lexington counterclaim.

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