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Luckily, instant messaging removes all awkwardness and anxiety associated with face-to-face contact. An omnibus of novels by J J Murray Giovanna Ferrari, an unmarried, svelte, savvy, and sable-haired African-Sicilian American, runs Ferrari Repair with her grandfather Franco in the colorful town of Kingstown population 3, in Gray County, Virginia, a county trapped between the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains and forgotten by time, interstate highways, cell phone companies, and high-speed Internet providers. Back then it was pretty obvious that someone was interested in you -- it wasn't as easy as double-clicking on a screen name or clicking "Add to Friends" on Facebook.


While it is easy to joke and talk with a person over the Internet, rarely does the conversation progress at a real-life speed. Receiving a "gift" of flowers on Facebook will never be the same as getting the real thing-- just as learning about someone through instant messaging will never be the same as having in-person conversations.



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