7th year of marriage

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The very best of marriages are never perfect. But there were more useful ones, too. Statistics show that there is a low risk of separation during the first months of marriage.

7th year of marriage

You want to be married and you understand what that means. The phrase came to mean a miserable time in a marriage after being compared to irritating skin problems that you really wanted to get rid of. After the "honeymoon" months, divorce rates start to increase.

7th year of marriage

7th year of marriage

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  1. Start having conversations with your spouse, no matter how difficult it may be.

    People can transfer their feeling of boredom or lack of enthusiasm for aspects of their life onto their partner when their partner may not be the cause at all. Nothing thrives on neglect, your marriage included.

    Work deadlines plus sleepless nights often culminated in rows. While these can fluctuate from year to year, the averages stay relatively close to the seven year mark.

    Of course, not everyone breaks up at the seven-year mark, but it is very common for most relationships to go through a rough patch where you find your partner or yourself boring, predictable, and insufferable. We both promised to get better at processing work stress and not taking it out on the other partner.

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